Higher education – strong university presence:

Tampa Bay is home to nearly 80 colleges, universities and technical schools, training the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow. Tampa has recently ranked as one of America’s best locations for: MILLENNIALS, WE ARE YOUNG, TALENTED, AND EDUCATED.

The University of South Florida is one of the largest universities in the nation and ranks in the top 50 public universities in both the Times Higher Education World Survey and the Academy Ranking for World Universities. It’s also one of the most globally diverse, with more than 4,000 international students and 200 research scholars from 138 different countries.

Talented Workforce: The workforce recruitment and training assistance of Global Tampa Bay allow companies to establish local operations in less time, at a lower cost.

Working with CareerSource Tampa Bay, Pinellas, and Pasco-Hernando, offer programs that help you recruit and train new employees, as well as maintain and expand the skills of existing workforce. Enhancing the competitiveness of the regional workforce is a top priority in Tampa Bay.

In recent years, leading business and economic development organizations joined together to identify current and future employer needs in key high-growth industries, including information technology and manufacturing. Through this effort, new workforce development opportunities have been created. These include apprenticeships, on-the-job training, fellowships, and programs for continuing professional education, as well as partnership.

Business Climate

With business-friendly government and community support, low cost of living, and unmatched quality of life, Tampa Bay is the ideal location for company’s future expansion or relocation.
With The lowest cost of living in “major” South East US markets
– National Competitiveness

Tampa Bay is a particularly dynamic region with an annual growth rate of 2.5%, or 97,000 new residents per year. The city itself includes 157,000 homes, with a great diversity of inhabitants.
The city was ranked by Forbes as the 5th most attractive for its environment and life outside.
– PRO-BUSINESS GOVERNMENT: Tax and regulations

Among the lowest corporate tax rates in the U.S.
Florida is a Right-toWork state and is consistently ranked one of the best for business due to its stable leadership and favourable corporate tax policies. Locally, collaboration between government and industry has resulted in effective development practices, expedited permitting, and a streamlined regulatory process

Tampa Bay is one of the most cost competitive places to do business in the nation. Companies here enjoy low labour costs and a low tax operating environment, with a local sales tax of seven percent, a state corporate income tax of only 5.5 percent, and no personal income tax.

Targeted, performancebased financial incentives for qualifying projects can lower the barriers to market entry and mitigate the cost of relocation and expansion. We’ll work with you to access these resources, as well as workforce training grants, tax exemption programs, and more.


Florida’s fastest growing consumer market and gateway to Latin America International advantages.

Tampa Bay’s close proximity to Latin America (and Asia via the expanded Panama Canal) makes it a perfectly situated platform to serve export markets throughout the hemisphere.

With a multi-modal transportation system that supports nearly 20 million residents and 100 million visitors each year, Florida’s infrastructure is ranked #2 in the nation, and the Tampa Bay Region is its central Hub.

  • Access to 34 million potential customers within an 8-hour drive
  • Closest deep-water port to Panama Canal
  • Among the most highly ranked international airports in the U.S. with easy access to Latin American markets
  • Home to nearly 500 international companies: an export hub or regional office to serve customers in Latin America.
  • Trade: Tampa Bay enjoys a strong trade culture and is a top export location within the United States, and the second largest exporter in Florida. Major export markets include Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. However, Tampa Bay companies export their products and services to many markets throughout the world with easy access and close proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Top exports from our region include computer and electronic products, chemicals, transportation equipment, non-electrical machinery, packaged food products, industrial supplies and various professional services.

Quality of life


Unequalled quality of life. “Clearwater Beach ranked #1 beach in U.S. by TripAdvisor 3 times”